3 weeks and counting

Posted by Rob on Tuesday Jun 22, 2010
Categories: Wedding

21 days left. That is… exciting? Yes, I’ll go with “exciting.” Nearly everything we have to do has been done. The invitations have gone out. The seating charts have been crafted. Mostly. The rehearsal dinner has been selected and set. There’s tons of other little stuff left, like final payments here and there, but… the majority is all taken care of.

Kinda weird, actually, noting every passing day that goes by is a day closer. Everyone keeps saying how it all goes by in a blur, so I suppose we’ll have to watch for that. As long as the food sampling at cocktail hour doesn’t go by in a blur, I think I can tolerate everything else.

Later this week, I go back for final tux fittings. Make sure everything looks right. Or, at least, make sure the tux looks right while draped over me. There’s only so much more gymming I can do in the final three weeks, so its more or less a WYSIWYG scenario now. Granted, mere minutes of the complimentary chocolate fountain on the wedding day will undo any efforts I put forth prior. Thankfully, that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. It is, after all, a friggin fountain made of liquid chocolate!


Time for the marriage license

Posted by Rob on Friday Jun 11, 2010
Categories: Wedding

mclovin licenseWell, we’re in the final 30 day countdown now, which makes us eligible to pick up our marriage license. We’ll probably end up going sometime next week, down to the ole county clerk. Or… whomever you actually go to when picking up the license. I’ll just drive around. Oooh, maybe it’s at Checkers… !

Odd to think the countdown is running that low. It’s basically a month left of our single lives, with that “forever” future on the other side. …well, first, Hawaii. But then that forever future.

There’s still a decent amount of stuff left to be done, from the table settings to finalizing tux measurements to picking various songs to link up with each moment. All the nitty gritty details, I suppose, with most all of the big stuff done and out of the way.


The invitations are out

Posted by Rob on Thursday May 20, 2010
Categories: Wedding


Our wedding invitations are now in the mail, on their way to … well, you. After much effort on font styles, colors, wording, paragraph structure, iambic pentameter, philosophy, …other stuff… everything is all neatly bundled and packaged, complete with postal stamp for delivery. Standard affair, within – locations, highlights, the whole bit. Fonts of choice: LCR or Sackers Light Classic and LUP or Lucia Script Font. Some nice neutral tones that are … maybe taupe? Or something that sounds fancier than “brown-ish”.

But, yeah, everything is within.

There’s even a little plug for this little page which, basically, has all the same info. And pictures!

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Dad got tuxed

Posted by Rob on Tuesday May 18, 2010
Categories: Wedding

james bond tuxmy dad stopped by the tux shop (conveniently named “the tux shop”) in hoboken this afternoon for his tuxedo measurements. size 28 waist, just like me, of course. the whole process of getting measured is somewhat awkward, but relatively painless. it’s just a matter of having to hear how fat you are at any given time.

thankfully, i get to go back a few more times for final, final measurements, which gives me a few more weeks in the gym to pretend i’m normally in better shape. we’ll see how much impact that actually has.

all the other groomsmen have since had their numbers sent in except for one, i think; but we have until the end of may for all that info to be collected and tallied.

i also still have to pick a tie and vest style. and, by that i mean i have to bring alexis back to the store so that she can pick and i can agree. they’re all virtually the same to me after awhile, so as long as she’s happy, i’m happy. i’ll just have to be sure there’s an inside pocket to hide my whiskey flask.

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The eating

Posted by Rob on Saturday May 15, 2010
Categories: Wedding


What followed was nothing short of a divine feast. That, or an extreme food homicide. Plate after plate of glorious food marched its way through the doors; each weirder and better than the last. From what I recall (and my memory is still somewhat food-drunk) the pasta dishes arrived first on the scene, in pesto, pink vodka, and primavera offerings. Then there were multiple types of salads, each complete with some sorta unique saladized take – beggar’s pouch? You betcha! There was brucshetta and chicken dinners and fish and all kinds of wonderful samplers.

The dessert tasting was a mix of three types: chocolate lava cake, a waffle bowl of ice cream and berries, and this hot apple goodness that arrived with a chocolate cup of ice cream. The whole thing was an unreal parade of eats, leaving each of us excited for the wedding but full beyond belief.

sooo good

Yes, the ice cream was cold


the Food Tasting

Posted by Rob on Saturday May 15, 2010
Categories: Wedding

Richfield Regency

May 14th. E-day. …er, EAT-day. the reception hall of champions, one richfield regency, cordially invited us to inspect their food offerings prior to our wedding date. i guess this is typical of all reception halls, but since this is only the fifth or sixth time i’ve been married, i’ve lost track. regardless, this day is one i’ve been waiting months for. maybe years. a private party where courses of food arrive in my honor, and at the end, you leave no payment or tip? what kind of magical surprise is this!

We set the date with “Jude” (of “Hey __” fame) and prepared to feast. he recommended I select a few things from the menu to try, and I more or less circled the entire 9 page document. Just bring us everything, sir.

As I said earlier, only four people were admitted, and that ended up being Alexis, her mom, Kathleen, and myself. We each arrived after work on Friday the 14th of May, nearing 6pm, ready to plow through the food with our lightly elastic-ed pants. There was a wedding in-session going on, so it was somewhat awkward walking through their photo area just to get inside and steal bits of food. slightly awkward, but not awkward enough that it slowed us even in the slightest.

Inside, we were immediately greeted by an army of individuals, who promptly whisked us up to our stables and feeding bags.


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Posted by Rob on Monday May 10, 2010
Categories: Wedding

food, glorious food

the food tasting is THE event. it’s the only reason we got engaged in the first place, truth be told. and, yes, we’ve been waiting about 12 years for this day. the wedding is all just for show, it’s the food tasting we’re in it for and, soon, it’s finally here. our reception hall (the lovely and spacious Richfield Regency) offers 4 lucky individuals a pre-feast, where we’ll get to try entrees, desserts, salads, appetizers… even them crew-dites!

really, it should be a grouping of 6 people, right? the marry-happy people and their parents. but, for whatever reason, and apparently it’s common, the limit is 4. so, it’ll be alexis and me, her ma, and kathleen – who has possibly been waiting for this as long as we have. and we’re gonna live it up big time. then, we get to select even more food to showcase at the actual wedding. various stations and meateries and lovely things that we can get sick from.

this will be a day to remember.

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Rehearsal Dinner decisions

Posted by Alexis on Wednesday Apr 14, 2010
Categories: Rehearsal, Wedding

Giorgio'sWe didn’t do much research for the rehearsal dinner event yet. All we knew is that it takes place the day before the wedding, and after the rehearsal in the church.

Oh yeah and it should be close to the Chapel.

We were thinking about the Bloomfield steak house, but i wasn’t sure they would have food that my veggie-friendly sisters could eat.

i did a google search over the weekend for restaurant in South Orange and found a cute Italian place called Giorgio’s. It’s right around the corner from The Hall!!!!

Rob and I ate their today after class (for both of us :P) I got the Chicken Marsala and he the Prime Rib. It was delicious!!!! We got some information from the owner/hostess Janet and told her we’d be in touch! I gave her a great big hug on the way out!!!!!

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