Posted by Alexis on Tuesday Apr 13, 2010
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Yesterday (Monday, April 12th) Mom, Rob, and I went to Party City on Rt 3 (love that Clifton Commons) Mom and I had gone previously and checked out the overwhelming multitude of invitation books and narrowed it down to 3-4 that I really liked.

So when we all went Rob and I discussed what we liked, which colors would work better with certain fonts, no flair-like things on it like bows, hearts, iridescent sheen, etc. Who knew invitations were so complicated!!!! (We should just send an evite! I mean at this point if you don’t know what day it is, you know you’re not coming to it!)

But I think we made a decision. Rob said he really liked the way it looked. That was important to me. It was one of my first choices so I think we’re ready to order them. Thank God Party City says they come in 10 days after the order is placed! So check your mailboxes soon everyone!


Father Martin part 2

Posted by Alexis on Thursday Apr 8, 2010
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We met Father MArtin over my Easter Break on April 7th.Rob and I drove up to Mo town to meet with Fr. Martin. We met in his apartment, a really nice pad! He had pictures of Mary and Laura’s wedding up and told us he can’t wait to add a third from the Kamphausen family! So sweet!!

We told him about our pre cana and how his words of wisdom and encouragement to us meant more to us then those classes.

We met for about 2 hours of wedding talk (Yeesh!) filling out more paperwork, going over forms, and handing in our proof of sacraments. The last thing we have to do for him is send in the paperwork of the readings we want for the Mass and ceremony! Almost done with the Jesus part of the day!!!!

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Dress Fitting with the fam

Posted by Alexis on Wednesday Mar 31, 2010
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Dress Fitting with the fam

My dress finally came in!! On March 30th Ma, Baba, Nik (up from her FL spring break) and I went to Bridals by Roma to see me in my dress and pick out a veil! It fit pretty well, but the little Italian seamstress, Josephine (God bless her) said that she was gonna take it in more. I told her not too much, because I’m gonna be eating a lot that day! I also wanted to make sure it wasn’t too fitted so I could sit down and breathe!!! She also told me that I have to get a smaller heel because the dress’s length is right about where it should be. So I can’t go over 2 inches. (That bites cuz the shoes I bought are killer and higher than that).

I ran back into the dressing room when Baba saw me for the first time cuz she got teary! I was not gonna cry!! I take it she liked it!!!!!

When I got the veil (super simple, the one laura and katfox liked:) ) I was ok and all smiles until Nik started crying which made me cry! God I love that girl! But as always I turned the tears into laughter when I showed them all the shoes I was wearing with the dress, my black maryjane school shoes , since the others were too high for the dress! Gotta love it! What a great day :)


You’re not as beautiful as you used to be

Posted by Alexis on Monday Mar 22, 2010
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So yesterday (Sunday March 21st) we returned to the hall for the last session of required stuff. SURVEY SAYS …disappointment. The most popular answer :(

This time around we learned about family planning (gross) . I could not believe we had to sit through grammar school sex ed again. The most entertaining part was this couple who led the session started off by saying that at times you may not like your partner at all, but remember you shouldn’t say things like” you’re not as beautiful as you used to be” or “you smell today.” …..REALLY?????? Besides the certificate we needed to get married , we got nothing out of these two classes. BOOOOOOOO!

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Status update

Posted by Rob on Thursday Mar 18, 2010
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OK, ok ok…  lemme think here.  We got a chapel.  A priest.  A reception hall.  A DJ.  Limos.  Photographer.  A hotel.  Oooh, and I gots a bride candidate.  …that’s a nice and full plate!  Pretty good.  Trying to narrow down the final, final invite list now.  Lex has her dress and her team’s dresses.  I gotta maybe get me a tux this weekend and my team’s tuxes.  We’re close to picking out our rehearsal dinner spot.  There’s one more Pre-Cana, an issue of marriage license…  I think we’re getting down to the nitty gritty!  And, delightfully, we’re fast approaching the food-tasting event at the Richfield!

…mmmMMMmmm… wedding…

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The Photo Booth!

Posted by Alexis on Monday Mar 15, 2010
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The Photo Booth!

Soooooo this was something that sounded really fun and different! We were looking at a few places until one day I logged into our DJ’s website and saw that new in 2010 was a photobooth!!!! We made and appointment to go in and see John (our dj) and check out the booth!

It was awesome!

The guests have the choice of printing in color, sepia, or back and white! They get to keep one strip and the other goes into a photo/scrap book for us!!!!! We got a test drive of the booth. It was a super quick print out and just a fun addition to our day! Can’t wait to see the goofy pics from everyone!!!

Thank you elite sound entertainment!!!!!

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Pre-Cana …more like Pre-LAMA!

Posted by Alexis on Monday Mar 8, 2010
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Seton Hall University Chapel

March 7th started out pretty rough. We had a little too much fun at a neighbor’s Hoboken St. Patty’s Party. I got up and had to watch Pretty Woman on Lifetime ! We got out the door later than planned but that was OK cuz we had Tom Tom. WRONG he was dead ! Rob flew (like 90mph) down rte 3 and the parkway! We made it in like 20 mins flat!!! Nice job Rob!!

We got there, no introductions, or icebreakers, nothing but a chairs, some refreshments, and a lame presentation by a couple who was less interesting than watching paint dry. They gave this slide show presentation, where they read everything on the screen to us. They told us to fill out this questionnaire thing separately then we as a couple would go to a room to discuss our answers. They only gave us like 20 mins to go over 45 questions about our future together!!!

There was no guidance afterwards, no time for any questions we the couples could have asked the married couple. it was so bad. One of the strangest parts was the guy who was the husband used to be this Wild drummer in this crazy “psyco” delic SHU band called psyche to soul or psyche of sound depending on the day of the week they played! He now looks like an accountant who is led around on a leash by his uber naggy wife. What the heck happened to him???

There were just so many things that didnt seem right about them and the whole thing. Like if he (AKA D rock)didnt convert to Catholicism, would her love for him have died because he wasn’t Catholic? Would she not have married him??? Then there was her flat out rejection of her sister’s request to be a surrogate; not because she and her husband said no, but because her priest told her it wouldn’t be a child in God’s eyes!! I thought all children are perfectly made through God! I was done at that point really!

I don’t know if i believe i could learn anything form a couple who has been together only since 2003 when we’ve been together for 10ish years. i wanted to hear from people who have been through the best times and down in the trenches of marriage. Maybe if they were one of a few couples leading the retreat to share points of view at different years in marriage, we could have gotten something out of it.

Next week is the last session 1-4pm . Thank goodness! I hope we get something out of that one. If not… we don’t have to go back until rehearsal day!

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sweet rides!

Posted by Alexis on Monday Mar 1, 2010
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We have LIMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS! On a rainy Tuesday, Rob and i grabbed Mr T(our tom tom!) and took a ride to elizabeth. We met up with Vladimir to see the cars in person.

We saw the Esacalde (soooo nice!) it looks like such a fun ride! Maybe we’ll go to the reception in that too instead of our own car;P!
Its got all these lights and screens. You can watch tv and listen to music, and theres a vip section in the back of the Escalade!!!It’s so cool!

Our car is spectacular! It is so white! I swear i’ve never seen anything like it! Vladdy told us that there are 2 cars that are basically the same. They keep them because the cars are so old and the parts are difficult to replace so they always hav the back up ready. We have the option of a left side or right side driver. We dont really care but i think the driver on the “wrong side” is kinda cool! And my favorite thing is that the headlights up front are single lights not doubles! Woohooo!!!! it’s been my obsession when we looked at limo websites!

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