Dress Fitting with the fam

Posted by Alexis on Wednesday Mar 31, 2010
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Dress Fitting with the fam

My dress finally came in!! On March 30th Ma, Baba, Nik (up from her FL spring break) and I went to Bridals by Roma to see me in my dress and pick out a veil! It fit pretty well, but the little Italian seamstress, Josephine (God bless her) said that she was gonna take it in more. I told her not too much, because I’m gonna be eating a lot that day! I also wanted to make sure it wasn’t too fitted so I could sit down and breathe!!! She also told me that I have to get a smaller heel because the dress’s length is right about where it should be. So I can’t go over 2 inches. (That bites cuz the shoes I bought are killer and higher than that).

I ran back into the dressing room when Baba saw me for the first time cuz she got teary! I was not gonna cry!! I take it she liked it!!!!!

When I got the veil (super simple, the one laura and katfox liked:) ) I was ok and all smiles until Nik started crying which made me cry! God I love that girl! But as always I turned the tears into laughter when I showed them all the shoes I was wearing with the dress, my black maryjane school shoes , since the others were too high for the dress! Gotta love it! What a great day :)


Status update

Posted by Rob on Thursday Mar 18, 2010
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OK, ok ok…  lemme think here.  We got a chapel.  A priest.  A reception hall.  A DJ.  Limos.  Photographer.  A hotel.  Oooh, and I gots a bride candidate.  …that’s a nice and full plate!  Pretty good.  Trying to narrow down the final, final invite list now.  Lex has her dress and her team’s dresses.  I gotta maybe get me a tux this weekend and my team’s tuxes.  We’re close to picking out our rehearsal dinner spot.  There’s one more Pre-Cana, an issue of marriage license…  I think we’re getting down to the nitty gritty!  And, delightfully, we’re fast approaching the food-tasting event at the Richfield!

…mmmMMMmmm… wedding…

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The bridesmaid dresses are selected

Posted by Alexis on Thursday Feb 11, 2010
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Picked.  Measured.  And done.  …mostly.

And now the girl version!!!!! After loving and picking one style , i learned it was discontinued…. a little panic followed.

I chose another that was once again similar only to learn that one was discontinued as well!!!!!! Much panic and nausea followed this time!

I went back to the website and tried to find the closest dresses to the styles i originally liked and found one. mom and i then drove up to the shop to make sure it was in stock and not a possiblity of being discontinued… AGAIN!

I was able to stick the bill levkoff line. The girls dresses are satin finish in euro champagne with a sable sash that loops through the back. Nikki’s maid of honor dress is the reverse, euro sable with a beaded euro champagne sash. We’re gonna cut the tea length dresses to the knee and get ready for dancing in the awesome july heat! I think i wanna get the girls brown or tan flip flops for comfy dancing!!!!


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