Registering for the license

Posted by Rob on Thursday Jul 1, 2010
Categories: Wedding

Everything is so formal with this wedding process. You can’t just, like… y’know, get married. You have to register with the county for a license. With both parties. And a witness. And a notary has to observe. And you need verification of your IDs. And you have to answer questions. …like, if you’re already married to each other. Or related.

wedding form completeThat “hey, by the way, are you related” question has come up a few times, freakishly enough. For the marriage license, for Pre-Cana, for all the priesty questions Fr. Martin asked us, for Seton Hall, etc. And, every time, I always ask if any one had ever gotten that far in the process and answered “yes”. Like, “oh wait… crap, we are related. That’s why this is gross. My bad – we’ll see ourselves out.”

But, whatever the case, July 1st was our official, scheduled (!) time to fill out the marriage license request. You had to formally schedule a meeting to formally request a license to formally get married. And thank God we actually set up an appointment to get this paperwork, because there were at least two other people in the entire office. And they both worked there.

So, Nikki (our witness), Lex and I sauntered on up. Got our paperwork from the government robot lady, and went through the shpeal. She eventually softened and became our friend, who can blame her, but it was a process to crack the ice. The paper work was easy enough; Name, Birthday, Address, etc. Show your license, take an oath, make sure Nik saw what we were doin – and we’re done! Just gotta go back in another few days (7/6) to pick up the official form. Then I make Alexis use my last name. The burden spreads!

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