Basic Itinerary

Posted by Rob on Wednesday Jul 7, 2010
Categories: Wedding

So, with all the nuttiness going on for the day, I thought it would be easiest (and logical…est) to make up a little schedule. …not that schedules were anything I’ve ever followed, but… at least this list will give me an idea of just how late I am at any given time. And, if it helps any of you folks along the way, so be it!

9:00am – lex and nikki get hair done in hoboken
10:30am – lex and nikki arrive in garfield

12:00pm – all guys meet at hotel / rob’s room
12:30pm – photog meets guys at hotel
1:00pm – limo picks up guys, goes to church
1:30pm – limo arrives at church
1:30pm – limo heads to lex’s house to pick up girls
2:00pm – limo arrives at lex’s house
2:00pm – rolls royce arrives at lex’s house
2:15pm – limo leaves to take girls to church
2:15pm – rolls royce leaves to take lex and fam to church
2:45pm – limo and RR arrive at the church
3:00pm – mass starts
4:00pm – mass ends
4:05pm – weather permitting, photos are taken at SHU
4:05pm – others disperse; head towards hotel or reception hall
4:30pm – bridal party takes pictures at SHU
5:00pm – bridal party takes pictures at richfield recency or park

5:00pm – first shuttle leaves hotel to richfield regency
5:30pm – second shuttle leaves hotel to richfield regency

5:45pm – bridal party heads towards richfield regency

6:00pm – reception starts at richfield regency

11:00pm – reception ends

11:15pm – first shuttle leaves hall to hotel
11:40pm – second shuttle leaves hall to hotel

hotel to chapel: 20 minutes on 280
chapel to reception hall: 20 minutes on 280
reception hall to hotel: 20 minutes on 280
church to lex’s: 28 minutes on pkwy north
lex’s to church: 27 minutes on 21 south

3 Responses to “Basic Itinerary”

  1. laura Says:

    who is dictating this?

  2. Rob Says:

    i believe its from the old testament, Rob 7:10

  3. kfox Says:

    i wanna goooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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